turning 22

a 22 years old in figure, but still 17 inside

venue: pondok maksiat

time: 12.00 midnite

attendance: maini, nas, ngek, bob, halim, daong, ayin, anep, kak huda, hana, haida, nono, fatin and my maryam

thank you all of you guys for the celebration. i will remember it till the end of my life. what a simple yet wonderful party for all of us in this final year.

cakes from housemates. tq dear cambohore. see the wordings. nirzan.wordpress!!!!

pudding from my twinklelittlestar. sape leh teka ape tulisan atas puding tu

card from housemates

card from her

-birthday wish i received-

mawi: selamat hari tua pam..hehe..hepi bufday pam..moga panjang umur murah rezeki.. (sms)

mira: happy birthday apam… (sms)

yobo: morning, birthday boy. happy birthday (sms)

otai: hapy bday apam! luve ya! (sms)

emi akmal: hepi besday gemok. haha (sms)

mawi lagi: slamat ari tua pam..haha…hepi bufday… (friendster)

ayin: happy b’day osmet.. (friendster)

mariani: happy b’day apam!!!still remember me? (friendster)

jimmy: apam..eppy birthday!karok mlm ni?sambut bedey…hehe (friendster)

paan: selamat2…^^v (friendster)

faizi: Happy birthday!! (friendster)

camel: happy birthday bro (ym)

kak julie: hahha…hahhahahaa…pppppyyyyyyy……biiiirrrrthhhhhh……day ! (ym)

hehe thats the wish i received up to now, maybe there will some more incoming. wawawa. btw, thak you so much everyone. i promised, its going to be a better years for me ahead.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by nirzan on July 18, 2008 at 8:36 pm

    update wish list =)
    jamel: hepi bday apam (mirc)
    syami: heppi besday apam (mirc)
    jikku: hepi besday, murah rezeki, cepat kawin, rmain anak (ym) <–apekes typo haha


  2. Posted by nirzan on July 19, 2008 at 7:28 am

    more bday wish list
    gojes: happy birthday, may ALLAH s.w.t. bless us!! (friendster)
    atok: hepi besday~~~ (friendster)
    ashley: epy bufday apam!semoga panjang umur n murah rezeki! (friendster)
    sho: sami botak!! eppy belated!! huhu (friendster)
    naza: selamat ari jadi Apam ~~~ (friendster)
    elin: hepi bday apam!! (ym)
    the shop was close up to 12 am saturday..any belated wish will not be entertained haha~


  3. happy birthday! sowwy lmbat wish sb xdo kreditoooo…btw, slamat menjadi dewasa~


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