happy birthday ayin

cute kan budak ni?

it was long since we last celebrate cambohore’s bday, and today 15th july is the date ayin opened his eyes to the world 22 years ago. nur azrin aka ayin we called him is one of our house member. he is unique, cute, and the most important, the childest. lets put some description about him.

  1. the shortest – haha, undeniable, he is the shortest in our house. but pendek bukan sebarang pendek, ini pendek dari jawa hahaha.
  2. the most injured – compare to others, he is the one who had the most injury during football, or other games. we had recorded the history of his injury since we started playing football. bahu patah, tangan patah, kaki terseliuh. uuu mmg banyak la. org len xde plak injured kerap sgt cm ko haha.
  3. the most bullied – he is not the youngest among us, but he is the one who received jokes and persiflage the most from us. ayin, do not feel sad, we didn’t have any intention to bully you, but it’s just the way we express our sincerity and friendship to you~
  4. talkative – he is also talkative, willing and able to comment, and give oppinion about evrything hehe. but sometimes i know that he is crapping haha.

enough la, bnyk sgt kang menulis. me myself and other housemates wishing him the very best happy birthday. may His bless and rahmat be with you. lets enjoy and cherish out final days here~

ayin and his savior, libaw (his favourite is taking picture of himself..)

i said it, he is the most being bullied hahaha


3 responses to this post.

  1. javanese cutie…


  2. Posted by nirzan on July 16, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    yeah..absolutely correct


  3. Posted by quicksilver on July 19, 2008 at 1:24 am

    hahaha.. thankz a lot apam.. i really appriciate that.. hehehehe


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