first home

this afternoon, i got a call from one of the real estate agent in kuala lumpur. i had gatal-tangan called their company during the holiday after reading the advertisement for a new unit apartment sale in bukit jalil. so they keep on following up with me for the unfinished conversation last time.

actually, my dad are wishing to buy a house in kuala lumpur, in the range where he can afford it. so after reading the advertisement, i told my dad and he ask me to call the company. how was the deal? an apartment house, in bukit jalil area with 3 rooms 2 bath. price? RM140k for government staffs. facilities? 2 parking, pool, gym, and security. its a good deal, and we are looking into it.

thinking about it, a sky high house, no land, 3 bedrooms is an affordable bargain if you wish to have it as your first house. but, does it suitable for a family and children to grow in it? does it make sense if you want to have feast for families and friend to come over? and does it have enough space for your children to play in, or having pets?

when a young graduates starts their career, most of them will get monthly earning ranging from rm2k-rm3k (if more than that its lucky enough). living in metropolitan city like kuala lumpur will only make them just survive with that amount of money. considering living cost, car loans, petrols and other expenses. it is hard for them to save, and if its possible, they will need to cut their shopping budget that month.

home in kl – apartment ranging from rm100k to rm200k, double storey terrace rm400k above, semi-d rm600k above. does it make sense a 2-or-3-year working graduates can afford to buy a double storey, or a semi-d? the answer is simmiliar to a question “can a standard one student who get rm2 for his belanja sekolah afford to buy a viva?”

i dont blame anyone, but it is the facts of nowadays. during twenties is the period where a grown up man and woman will establish their career, get married and have children. but in the today’s reality, it is hard. a couple of professionals working together will not guarantee a good and wealth life. that is the reality that all of us will face later.

i am hoping the best for myself, and promised to struggle for success in career and life. money is everything – the phrase that is 90% true!!!!

dream home


2 responses to this post.

  1. waaaa…sgt chantik..nk design gak ler


  2. Posted by nirzan on July 16, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    sile la wat, tapi wat kan aku satu gak


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