holiday wrap up!!

semester holiday was always be my favourite time of the year. this mid year holiday was the last holiday for me as a student, and i am cherishing it, since this perhaps was the last time i could spent my time at home, with the ‘student’ title still on my batch.

for the past 5 or 6 weeks, i had paid my time on the place i was born, with mom and dad, tok and tokwan and my adik-adik. it was wonderful to be home, and luckily this time, my holiday and school holiday fall on the same date. so i had the chance to play and minger around with my siblings.

unwell grandparents

since the first day i arrived at home, both my grandparents was really unwell. the had been weak, due to some cough and fever. tokwan was admitted to hospital once because she was unable to eat anything for 3 days, and she was diagnosed with some heart problem. it worries me. and after full and detail care they received from me and my sister, my grandparent’s was back to normal. but still, i am worrying about them since they always refuse to sleep at my home, and act like they can do all the daily chores, pretending that they are all okay and strong. what to say, my dad said to let them do what ever they want to do because its the nature of the elderly.

regular visit to kuantan

i had a few trip to kuantan in this holiday. i went to kuantan for many business deals, helping my mom’s work. there is one time i went to this one program organised by mara. they call it ‘seminar keusahawanan melalui internet’. attending it with my sister, i found that the program was really interesting. mara is funding any new business personel that is wishing to use internet as the medium to market thier product. and the package they offer was totally fabulous, tagged with funds, url fee, and even server if you need them. one day, i will take this opportunity and i know that business nowadays are flying through the virtual clouds.

kl hangout

i told my mom that i am going to program wacana pendidikan for anak-anak pahang at upm, but bad me, i waste (not really waste) my time to kutu around in kl with mede, nas and hanisah. it was long since we had this valuable own time. the theme for the hangout, free and easy. walking around with no specific target, just follow your feet.first meeting place, central market. shop-to-shop, booth-to-booth, we explore the central market, seeing and belek-beleking every single things, but bought nothing. haha. then we went to the petaling street. full of bangladeshi, myanmari, indonesi, and other pti, they keep begging us to buy their petaling street jeans, bag, belts, and many stuffs. as usual, we left petaling street with empty hands, and take the train titiwangsa to buy my bus ticket, and travel by monorail to bukit bintang. sungei wang, bb plaza and low yat. we count every single tiles on the shopping complexs (that is how much we walk haha). trying soo many outfits, pants, shoes, until our feet surrender. we left the hectic bukit bintang around 6 and part to our own journey.

the next day, i spent the entire day with my maryam. we start our day at the pernas sogo complex. then we went to the pertama complex to buy my camera charger. we also stopped by at each store, trying shoes and shirts, but we also left with nothing. then we went to klcc. watching kungfu panda (the funniest animation, you should watch it), lunch at nando’s (i found my another favourite dining place), and purchase a pair of shoes for my brother. it was late evening before i took the bus to jerantut, while she board on the bus to kuantan. that’s the end of happy-happy hangout in kl.

kelantan trip

i also went to kelantan, alone, by train. the last time i board on ktm express train was during my final year in school. it is quite memorable to travel by train. the feeling of riding a train is very special you can’t found it anywhere. seeing a lot of people from many kinds and types and colors, in the black dark night, with the breezing and cold air at dawn. my friend fetch me at wakaf bharu and i slept at his house for one night. we went to circle kota bharu (which is totally changing ang upscaling since i was last here), rantau panjang, and eat at the riverside. the second night i slept at my relatives house in pasir mas. i follow them to the sawah paddy the next day, and spent my time with my second or third cousin (i don’t know haha). then i return home that evening, also by train before reach jerantut around 1 am.

janda baik and genting highland escape

this is maybe the best ever holiday trip i had, and please click here to know more about it. xmo la cite sini, panjang sgt nnt hehe.

returning to seremban

a week after janda baik weekends, me, my mom and 3 of my adik went to seremban. it was long since my mom dream of going to seremban to meet the people that had been taking care of me in my years in seremban. we start our journey (yes i am the driver) that friday evening, taking the jempol and pilah’s route. around maghrib, we arrived at seremban and stopped at ocean seremban to buy some souvenirs to my mak angkat. we arrive at makcik yan and pakcik emary’s house after isyak. makcik yan was my mom’s teacher when she was in high school. then makcik moved to seremban. during my early years in sdar, both makcik and pakcik was the person who pamper and take care of me. i was badly homesick, and they are the one who become my strength to stay. that time, my family was not today’s easy. it was hard for my mom to come to me if anything, and makcik yan and pakcik emary was the place my mom relying on to take care after me. i remember, they had never refuse if i called them for help, and will come straight away. there are soooo much jasa and things they had done on me, which i can’t describe with words here. i treasure them soo much, their kindness i couldn’t pay with money or anything.

the other couple that raised me is cikgu mat azalan and his wife, cik su. cikgu lan was my block warden, and one of my school teacher. i cannot remember how did i meet him, and how did i become close to this 2 fella. what i know is, their home, which is at the end of my dormitory block is the place i hide from being bullied. cik su’s favour on my is much bigger than anyone. in form 1, i don’t know how to wash my clothes, and i can’t wear un-iron uniform, so she offer me to wash my clothes and iron them with no fee. can you imagine she did that for 2 years. both of them brought me out when they are going with their children, as if i am one of their son, and buy me many things. in form 4 and form 5, when we move to new school complex, they also moved. they house is below my dormitory. cik su’s nasik goreng ayam masak merah (which she make it and sold it to the student at rm1.50 that time) was the best food we can found. i was one of their regular and permanent customer, but with no money paid. every single day, for two year, i had grown with free nasik, while other student paid for it. that was the food that raised me and build this flesh and blood in my body, im in debt to cik su and cikgu lan kindness. they were one of the most honoured and noble person you can found in this earth.

end of holiday

early july, it was nearly the end of my holiday. i had soo much thing happened to me this holiday, which i will remember. it can’t be bought, nor be created. on the 7th of july, i sent my sister nazira to politeknik sultan ahmad shah kuantan. good luck kakak, study rajin-rajin ok. then i returned to utp on the 9th with nas to begin a new semester of last.


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