semester holiday

last entry was posted around 2 weeks ago. i had very little access to internet when im at home. dial up is always sucks. nk load gmbr pon lembab. plus the time limitation, and other interesting activities that filling up my time at home, made me left internet behind. food, tv,  and bed is the main factor. i also did multiple job at one time during this holiday; driver, housekeeper, baby sitter, personal assistant, accountant, cook, tukang beli sayur, garderner, and laundry servicer. if i keep doing those job for another 2 years, i can simply become a millionaire, from the salary of that jobs.

my days in this holiday flew as usual days by days. but i keep on moving and traveling. in a week, i spend only 4 days at home, and the other 3 i spend it outside. g kuantan, g kl, g ganu, janda baik, seremban, and few more places before i return back to utp. i hope i can make it to my target go to to kelantan and singapore before the semester ends.

euro is a phenomena too. 2 match per night (but usually half-game-gone) was a hard challenge. i wish i could watch all match, but the my determination only stops at few interesting and important match. italy, group c, spain, portugal.. others, tgk highlight je la…because of that also, i had to bare my ears every morning from my mom shouts and curse haha. dh tido lmbt, sure taleh bgn pagi.

ok la. stop here. i have tonnes of idea to write, but the mood isn’t there. the courage to write in utp, compare to at home is different. i’ll update later. till then~


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  1. hehe..gne ler celcom broadband mcm aku…no kontrak2…check my blog for more info k..happy holiday~


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