eye on malaysia

i had been staying in my uncle’s house since sunday, and that monday morning, i went out with the kids. i had promised them earlier to bring them somewhere during the school holiday. so they cling onto me, claiming the promise when i went to thier house.

ameerul, ameera, meerul’s friend, and myself get onto our trip around 11. i drove from manjalara with the kids. my parents, atam and adik (my little bro and sis) were on the way to manjalara from jerantut when i called them and ask them to go straight to taman tasik titiwangsa.

we will travel around the sky ring on the “eye on malaysia”!!!

my dad was already at there when we arrived. we started the lovely day by snapping some pictures, and pose in the beautiful garden on the lake banks. then we bought the tickets. we got a private gondolas and the kids was very happy riding in the wheel.

circling around in the ferris wheel was an amazing experience. the wheel move slowly around it’s axis. from the top position of the wheel, we can view half of kuala lumpur. it circles 5 times, and ameerul was shaking all over during the first round. everyone was shouting at the beginning, but later on becoming more comfortable and calm in the next round. and it was raining quite bad when we were in the gondola.

after that, we went to mcd drive thru and tapau some lunch. we head back earlier than expected due to heavy rain. it was a lovely hangout. here are some picture during the trip.

the guys

the ladies

just before the gondola rolls

adik trying to bermanja2

atam and adik


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