final presentation

“Pls inform all FYP viva will be on this monday from 830 onwards. All are required to attend. Else will get zero for int n ext examniner marks” -the sms from dr rashid-

i was here on utp, just finishing my final presentation for my fyp1. poor me, and us. dr rashid had asked me to come back to utp for the presentation, and all of us make it. its just a 20 minutes of crapping and reading slides, but it contribute a lot to our coursework marks, since external examiner gives 50%. some of us return from as far as kelantan and johor, just for this 20 minutes presentation. but i hope our effort will be appreciated and good marks will be pointed out.

it was a tiring day driving yesterday. my dad had took a leave today, special for sending me to utp. another reason, he wants to see our new baby cousin, from my uncle. aina sashabila was her name. she was born last 2 months, and only today we were able to see her. that’s the strong reason why my dad strongly wants to go back to bota. aina or “bella” (that is what her dad call her) was soo cute and beautiful, but cries a lot too. nnt besar2 bijak org cakap. .

i had finished my prestation, and now waiting for my dad to fetch me. we will return to pahang this evening, since my dad need to work tomorrow. ayah dh tuang arini. haha!!


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