last day hangout with the gncians

i went to ipoh last night, to spend my last night of the semester with the #gnc residence. we had planned to go out earlier, and wasting time+money, enjoying food, and some window shopping. it has long ago (up to my remember) since we went out together. nas, mede, huda and mimi planned to watch narnia, while me, eni and nadia (new member that is trying to adapt to out culture haha) went out without any particular plan.

they went first by huda’s car, and we follow later. i stopped at yik fong plaza to take my new spectacle. yeahh i own new one now. the last glasses that i bought dated 3 years ago, if im not mistaken. it has been some time, and i am dreaming of this new spectacle since early this year. then we went straight to kinta city to joined them.

after maghrib, and few stops at the shops, trying few clothes, we meet at black canyon. mede ordered nasik goreng ikan masin (which ikan masin comes from carribean he said) and huda eats kueyteow (which is 3 times the price at normal gerai). haha nevermind, its just few times a year, and there is no regret of sending money for good food at good brand name.

after some chats and laughs, we continue walking, from nike to adidas boutique, from girdano to samuel & kelvin, from paddini to esprit, and endup buying shirt ar reject shop. kuang2. hanisah said, she love to buy clothes at retail shops, or factory outlets rather than branded and expensive boutique. i agree with her, because i know that in my capacity of rm500 per month income, no where i can afford to buy clothes at paddini haha.

after black canyon, we enjoyed big apple (the most fluffy donuts), and eats some raw fish rolled by rice (we called it sushi hahaha) while waiting for huda and gang finished their movie. then we head straight to mbi terrace to add on another meal. mbi terrace was a nice place, beside padang bandaran ipoh, where some poeple open their lorry stall, only during the night. i love the setting, where i can see people hanging out, chat in an open air stall. i ordered nasik goreng ikan rebus (my favourite) and some laksa, mee kari and mee sup by the others.

while chatting, the upsetting moment comes to me. i was laughed by mimi and nadia, supported by the other. i just dont get what are my words that make them laughs that much. i love to talk about future, money, people, career, hopes and dream bla bla bla. but maybe the topic isn’t eyes their interest, so they laugh. nevermind, i dont put it to heart, but having a dream, ang thinking about the future is not wrong right? they say i always imagine far beyond our  cirlce, and far away to the future, and i agree with that. the point is, did they think about their life in 5 years from now? about their future family that they are going to have? sedey tol aku, nevermind. i’ll keep talking what i like to talk about, persetankan mereka haha~

after that, we went straight back. it was a wonderful night, spending time with people i care and treasure. i always hope this hangout will not stop here, will not stop when we are graduating, and will not stop even we are grandmoms and grandpas. hihu..


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  1. Posted by mira on June 1, 2008 at 10:58 am

    sungguh terharu!
    i love spending times with u too!!
    we love u laaa~~
    sorry we laughed at you.
    bagus sbnrnya ade orang berfikir macam ko. we dont deny that. and what u said is true. i mean all your angan2, all your analisis.
    but somehow still funny, maybe it’s the way u said it. XD.
    tak pun sbb u think u’re korean.
    jgn amek hati apam.
    we love hanging out with u! we realllly do!


  2. Posted by theQueen on June 1, 2008 at 11:00 am

    no. i don’t mind the futuristic topics.

    you know i really don’t mind =]

    and of course i don’t expect this hangout to end either, dear.

    because someday, i’ll like to see u all with your families as well – particularly your children. oh how i’ll love to crack up stories bout their mom/dad at the time.



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