then it ends

when the time comes, everything will come to its end. for the last 3 days, since my last post, i had a very very very tough time preparing my fyp report, and presentation. i stay awake for 20 hrs straight, pointing my eyes to the screen, my finger dances in the keyboard, battling against time. barely sleep (eventhough i want to but i cant), and only stop for some food input, and pray. luckily, i finished it on time, just after subuh yesterday.

all the pain, hardship, struggle, tiring and stressfull moment had over now. i am gratefull towards Him for giving me the courage to do all the work. unluckily (or luckily), until that jumaat afternoon, dr rashid still didn’t find any suitable time and examiners for our final presentation. so he ask us to submit the report, and he’ll figure out what to do next, either we pospone the presentation or terminate it. we beg him to terminate it and he answer it with simles and laughs.

“saya pon malas sbnrnye nk buat, tgk la cmne nnt..”

i know that, that is dr rashid, if not because of the department requirement, or utp system, he absolutely won’t do that. and our meeting with him that afternoon filled with ayat2 sinis from him. haha naseb ktrg la kene bantai, sape suh x wat keje btol2. now its over, and we can enjoythe holiday, and officially end the semester. my friend quote “da abes da fyp 1, da abes da final year sem 1, secara rasmi, jom enjoy..”. haha. its true, but the semester awaiting for us next july will be harder than this.


i am enjoying my few last day here before going back home to spend time with my family. i had abandoned them, unintentionally, due to my hectic life. i dont even have time spare for myself, and i need to sacrify something valuable to me, in oreder to achieve something greater, my future. that is the reason why i need to fully utilized this semester break with my family. and after the cancellation of the presentation, i went out to ipoh with my hamsterwoman, and eat as much as we can.

only 7 people left in my house. ngek, halim, roshan, and ayin went back yesterday. i wont see them until next semester. happy holiday housemate!! me, nas, mede, maini had no particular plan, but surely we will spend the time left, and cherish it. its the last holiday that we have, as a student (credit to mimi for her ayat), before it’s last at the end of this year. happy, but sad. i am nearly transform into another life. duh. xmo la pikir. ade lg 6 bulan nk enjoy life as a student.

till later. lets stop here~


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