on the way back to utp

i am driving alone this evening when i decided to go back to utp earlier than scheduled. it was raining heavily, worst downpour i ever had, and i am stuck in my uncle’s house here in manjalara. i planned to go straight back actually, but due to headache and some blood pressure rise because of the rain, i had to stop and spend my night in his house, before continue driving early next morning. thanks to his son’s laptop and the broadband installed in his house, i manage to get into this blog. and i am now waiting for things i worry the most. my friend borrowed my car, and he promise to return by 12, and it’s now 115. dammit, if i knew it was happening, i wont let him take the car.

my grandparent were still not totally recoved from their double illness. we went to the bank this morning to withdraw my grandmom’s cash for her home kept, and i amazed when i look at the figure. ahahaha. it quite a lot, and i didn’t expect an elderly like her will be able to save money that much. simple say, if my both my grandparents merge their account, they could buy a brand new car. where the heck that they got so much money. if must be sometimes that they collected that money. they have nothing much to spend anyway with that money i think, but comparing me, i have a lot of things ahead in my life, yet i didn’t have any savings hehe. i wonder when i will start saving money, and not spending everything i earn each month. we went to pasar also, buy her some food suply for a week, and some prawns that she’s been kempunan.

i need to sleep, there’s a lot waiting me tomorrow. i need to rush back to utp, and prepare my report+presentation. nothing much i can do at home. haihs. k la. gotta sleep. see you in utp tomorrow.

p/s: to my maryam, go topap, and reply my text. it’s only you that can cheer up my day, teman me while im alone, and be beside me when i am driving singlely, eventhough you are not visually seen.


2 responses to this post.

  1. pergh..kojap nye cuti


  2. Posted by nirzan on May 30, 2008 at 5:30 am

    balik sbb nenek aku x sehat
    n kene return to utp semula sbb nk siapkan interim plus presentation fyp


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