home, happy, tired

i had been awoke by my grandpa’s severe cough. clock shows it was 3 in the morning. his extreme cough and sesak nafas worries me. i had to wake up and get him a glass of water, and watching him coughing endlessly. i felt really terrible since i had no power to help him reduces him pain, instead of just staying awake and watch over him, and he asks for 100plus. luckily we still have some left by my dad in out fridge, and he fall sleep again after drinking half-full glass of 100plus. i cant sleep though, and ended up writing this. there are flocks of nyamuk covering my leg, sucking my blood, but i dont have the will to chase them away. xde perasaan. let them have some feast, and i am melayan my perasaan.

yesterday, i drove all the way to kuantan, go and return back in the same day. i am sending my sister to politeknik sultan ahmad shah, and drive my mom to the bangunan persekutuan kuantan for her work. and were are having a good time shopping at the new east coast mall, and went to giant too. my mom’s best friend, makcik nor also rodes with us, and there is something that i want to write about her, when i have the time later.

i was really happy that i am home, and all my bro and little sis were at home. but it was really tiring doing many house chores all day, and my fyp was not touch at all. haih..i need to take some time for myself, and maybe return to utp earlier…

(going to sleep. ting tong da ni. esok pagi nk g pasa carik udang galah, my grandma craving for it, and we cant found it in kuantan semalam)


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