damn; double title

lets write something here before the memory lost

it’s already subuh, and i am spending my night in the maple, watching final match uefa champions league between manchester united and chelsea. clock on the wall shows 2 am when we arrived at maple, and it was 6 am when we returned home.

it was a dramatic match, full of emotions, laughs, tears and shouts. the first goal from ronaldo at 26th minutes had rip off my heart, but the equalization goal from lampard bring up happiness to us the anti-mu fan (haha no offence). they continue playing until full time, plus another 30 minutes extra, and no goals was recorded. but the game was full with trials, shoot, and injured-acting plus red and yellow card swipped by the referee like shopping for player to be thrown out of the field.. biasa la, match bese, mesti la ade gaduh2, tumbuk2, tampar2, and gusti2.

the tie brought the game into penalty shootout. ronaldo had becomning the first villain, bak kate maini, and the cheering from chelsea fan bang the whole maple. then came over last shoot from john terry, the shot that will determine the championship title. and he shot kelaut. warrghhhh!! if you can imagine my feeling. maini and sho and mimi, zainur, and syamier began to shout again, after depressing because of ronaldo’s failure. the shoot continues, and to end story short, goalkeeper edwin van der sar deny nicolas anelka after shots. damn it!!!.

anyway, i was amazed by the spirit shown by both team, and the game play that had been done was marvelous. millions of superb shot, thousands of life-and-death chances, and 2 pole shots from chelsea. good job both team. to read more, press here.

dang~ i need to study btw. this evening petroleum exloration paper was hella hard and mind twisting. focus2!!

drogba was sent out after he friendly-slap vidic

the brilliant save from petr cech, downturning ronaldo shot

avram grant sharing tears with his skippers, john terry. don’t be sad dude, i understand the pressure you are handling to take the last shoot. all over the world is watching your kick, and i know how much stress burdened you.

the man* (urghh i hate to say their name) overjoy with their trophy


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