emptying the mind

mood: boring+empty+worry+lazy+need hug+sangap

lately,i had wasted so much time, reading blogs, thoughts and people oppinions, about all thing. no particular subject, but when you had found some nice blog, it will lead you to another nice blog, and so thus it chains. i love to read about multi style of people’s writings, and spending time into it sometime give me ideas, and make me think. last nite, i had a long chat with my friends, and i just realized that i had becoming more mature in conversation, and the topic of arguing. i love to tell people about my dreams, my aspirations and my hopes. they give me feedbacks, and from that i can get a helicopter view about things, which i seldomly see it in the correct way. you will be more than happy when you can find someone who can talk about the topic you are interested in the same tune. i do. i love it when my chatting spouse can give me good feedback, and the conversation will flow, last till 2 hrs without you noticing.


it was 5 in the morning, i had some difficulties to sleep, due to improper planning of daily schedule and timing, and i ended up writing in this blog. it’s nothing more than crapping and making useless sentences, but it is better than do nothing or catching up latest gossip about paris hilton. i need to study. yes i must. but i still in the mood of finding the mood to study and do revisions. please apam, u need to study!!!

chopper, the cat are bothering me all night. she sleep when i sleep, at the end of my bed, on my leg, and when i woke up, she woke up too. she joined me watching teri hatcher’s desperate housewives all night, and lie down in my lap. poor little cat. i know she loves me, it’s just she cant say those words to me, nor write it in the card. sayang tol kucing aku ni. and she bites my ears when i’m trying to kiss her.sakit gle. haha, konon2 malu la tu, bajet gle, cm la die tu anak dara.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by theQueen on May 21, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    ni sah sbb ko busuk tak mndi



  2. Posted by imranhashim on May 21, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    ni ape kes da bela kucing.


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