the quitting of our chancellor

last afternoon, we had heard about the quitting of tun mahathir from umno. it was a shocking news, and every single man who pay their attention to malaysian politic drama will be questioned by the tun’s decisions. i heard that from the news, and i read about it his blogs, and the other reliable source. as a neutralist, i just observe what was happened, and predicting what will happen next, to the malaysian political scenario.

being and observant doesn’t mean i dont care, but i didn’t have the say, plus i can’t do anything about it in my power now. lets just see. i wish i could write something here. throw out my oppinion, and discuss it, but my roomate said ‘ko jgn pam, kang kene tangkap kang’. it’s true, and i admit it. lets just be frank and maybe if i have the courage, i will write something about.


tun is our chancellor. his presence in utp for convocation is a tradition, and i wonder what will happen next to our university. we are private uni, but yes, we still rolls under government, and petronas is a part of government. i am hoping that the political issue will not be brought into the uni adminstration and affect the whole thing. i wish tun will appear this coming convocation ceremony in august, and hand out the scrolls.

duh, i dont know what happen, and i wish i did not involve in it. during the hrh raja dr nazrin public lecture, the perak state government officials, including the new menteri besar was not present. and the sponsorship for titian budi was drawn back from their funds because it happened to be organized it in selangor.before the election, the titian budi was totally sponsored. think about it. politics? administration? crap…


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