my grandma admitted to hospital

i woke up just before jumaat prayer when my sister msg me “tokwan masuk hsptal pg td, sesak nafas”.

i was shocked, with my emotion still un-okay, receiving news like that. i called home immediately, and get the news. my beloved grandmom was admitted to hospital because of severe cough, and she had breathing difficulties that morning. i am worrying like damn hell now, and since yesternight i keep on updating with her condition. my sister slept with her at the hospital, so i keep sms-ing to teman her, since my grandma was unconcious due to medcine.

she wrote to me that tokwan had her sesak nafas again in the afternoon, when the electricity was gone, and her oxygen machine stopped. poor damn kampung hospital. if anything happen to my little grandma, i will burn and bury the whole hospital to the ground. stupid. how can they can afford to experience power shortage. imagine an operation on the running, the patient will ended up dead. huh.

i am still thinking about my grandma, and my tok also was not very sehat. he was very weak since last few weeks, and i will definitely be home, if the exam week is not in the lap. waaa nak balik. hopefully my tok and tokwan will get through this and i’ll be home as soon as my paper ends.

“ya Allah, berikanlah kesihatan dan kesejahteraan kepada kedua2 tok dan tokwan, and kekuatan kepada ibu bapaku, dan ahli keluarga ku dalam kesulitan ini” amin~


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