inequality in football game

i was called to crap something about this topic by one of my football buddies when we walk back home from our evening soccer game yesterday. it’s a repeated issue actually, but never been openly discuss, since nobody dare to treat it lightly. im taking more sincere approach in this comments, rather than taking the rebelious character.

our soccer game every evening seems to attract more and more people after days. it number doubled or tripled, and you can imagine a soccer game that has 20+ players a side (it sounds sooo like kampung-style football game). playing with such numbers sometimes are fun, but most of the time, it aren’t at all, especially when the injustice style of playing imerged.

why inequal?

yeah why the words came out? it’s because, after some days of playing with the same people, maybe even some months or years, the skill-level streotyping doesn’t seem to fade at all. at first, i thought it was just a strategy, or some trick to create a good game, but after days, i started to feel like dumb ass who was chasing for ball, but wont get the ball pass to you, unless you snacth it from some opponents player.

why i need to bring this up?

answering this question, lets define skill-level streotyping. its a new word added to my vocabulary, and it means some people that have superb-mighty soccer skill, will play at their best, dribbling the ball themselves, and try to score goals as many as they can. they didn’t even bother to pass the ball to others, if they doesn’t feel like to, or they are out of steps.

the streotyping becoming more obvious when those power-rangers player won’t pass the ball to the amatur or beginner, or low skill player, LIKE ME. they feel like it is a waste to pass the ball to us, and we kick like kelaut. oooo wehhh..please laa. not everyone in the field was perfect, and some of us didn’t kick the ball well enough.

im not totally upset with this since i know where i stand, but as per one of my friend said, this evening game is not for victory (yes it was actly) but it is more towards having fun playing with your friends and spending time together. what is the point of conquering the ball, having fun yourself, dribbling by your own, and pass the ball only to people who also have mighty skills like you. you may think that you look soo good, or proud of your skills, but many of the players think it is totally shit and stupid.

huh malas nk emo2 lg. further reading, click here

p/s: i maybe will won’t ever get the ball anymore, because of writing this, but like i care..~ ade lg org nak pass bola kat aku kot


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