zero-tolerance for plagarism

“Right from the outset of my taking over as the lecturer in both SBE classes, I provided advisories of a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. Plagiarism is the unauthorised attempt to pass off others’ work as one’s own, whether through copying-and-pasting of internet content, copying passages from a book or journal article or copying the submissions of a previous or current classmate.

Plagiarism is a serious form of cheating and is considered severe academic misconduct at this university and at institutions of higher learning world-wide.” (eLearning, Allan G. Downe, May 2008.)

on wednesday, the coursework mark for small business & enterpreneurship was annouced. all us us were very shocked when we got 0/10 for the presentation summary. the coursework contributed 60 marks to the final grade, and lossing 10 marks is a big lightning struck for us. according to our lecturer, allan downe, we were cought plagarising, and zero grade was given to the assignment. and so thus i went to see him personally for the clarification of the accusition.

i told my maryam that i am preparing axes to chop allan’s head, and she told me that she will prepare the first aid kid if someone’s getting hurt. when i met him, i ask for the clear story of the zero marks incidence. and he came out with his analysis of our assignments. he opened it one by one, printing out the website that we took the info from, and highlights all the simmilar words and sentences in the assignments. i stood statuely, trying to defend myself and my group, but the evidence that he came out is more than enough to drag me into trouble, if i continue debating. i retreat, say my appology, and promised there is no such thing would happened again. and i walk home, with the axes that i want to chop his head first, but it was chopped onto me.

eversince, i didn’t really know that extracting, copy and pasting from websites is a crime. i took the information and the definition form wikipedia, and my friend took it from the book, and we had done it for many times. that is what we called it learning, and gaining info from source. but for allan, he define it as plagarism and cheating, taking others work and claim it to be yourself. and today i started to realise it. there’s a truth in his point. he said, you can take others idea, but not words by words, and citation and references needed. we didn’t realize that, and honestly we didn’t know that. we admit it, and we know that it was our fault. what to say, he is famous for his strict rules and we can’t do anything about it. phew. and to worst, he threw ” do you think that we are f*cking stupid not to know that you are cheating” and “if you do this sh*t again, you will find yourself into trouble” haha. i laugh myself, i always said that to people, and yesterday, it falls into me. haha.

following to that, i had a very bad day. i am seriously hurt and offended by my own fault. i can’t study for the next paper, and mentally unstabil right now. i need time to rest, sleep as long as i can, and eat as much as i could (that’s the thing what i did when i freaking out). luckily, i have my maryam to lay her shoulder for me, and we went to watch narnia premier last night.

i am regretting it now, and i am promising myself not to do that ever egain. need some strength today, for the next battle against petroleum exploration and sBe paper itself. kaman2. lesson learned, wake up, and fight again.!!!


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