happy birthday libau

cake is a must, and here’s his

15 may was libau’s birthday. its yesterday, and due to some issue, i didn’t have the chance to write something about him, as a remembrance for his birthday. sorry buddy, but as what i am doing for others, there’s a post also promised for you in this blog hehe.

i known him for the past 10 years, since we are in first year secondary. for that matter of period, i’ve known him inside out and there are a lot of things that we’ve gone through. we share a lot of things, we can sleep on the same pillow, and even share clothes. there is a lot of thing in common between us. maybe because of the same school mold. he used to be one of my best friend i ever had, and i cannot afford to lose him no matter what. i treasure him so much, as well as the other combohorians.

both of us had made a lot of histories, memories and experiences together. i do hope the best for him, in everything that he will get through. i pray for his happiness, always in peace, and be in His bless all time. happy birthday bau..~

haidy and his beloved roomate, farid


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