pangkor island: the great escape chapter II

it’s sunday. the bright morning seems to be a good start for our day. after some sleep and energy recovery last night, we are ready to play a lot today. as usual, the first thing that we need to do upon opening our eyes is filling our stomach haha. unbath, we went out for breakfast. we stopped at this one little stall by the beach side, and ordered nasik lemak plus ice tea for mine. it’s not long before we finished it up. to my shocked, that simple and not-so-good nasik lemak plus ice tea cost me RM 6. and the most important is, that stall was dirty and the spoons aren’t even washed. argghh it soo unbearable, but we keep it to ourself. there’s nothing much that we can complain since we were in an island, with limited resources. let the makcik be, but i hate the stall owner mind set ‘biar la, sekali ni je pon drg makan sini. peduli ape mahal. lantak laa kotor pon‘. soo lame..

a moment before jumping into the sea

after breakfast, i went back to the room to change gear. others were already running into the sea when i came back. we enjoyed swimming and playing by ourself on the beach. around 9, the tide was lowering down, and the wave becomes bigger. we break into the wave and formed a human wave breaker. it was really fun. imagine a wave that is higher than your head, smashing into you, and swept you away to the shore. after hundreds of fightings with the waves, tiring, and we move to the next plan.

boat rides around coral island

these guys are planning to snorkle at an island next to teluk nipah. they tried to get the best bargain for the package, including island tour and canoeing. i didn’t agree at first to snorkle since i know that the wave is high, thus the water is not clear, but they insist to go. there is no point of snorkling if you can’t see the corals and fish. no matter what, they still want to go, and we get onto a boat with snorkling gears. when we arrive at the island, the current was so strong the boatman didn’t allow us to get into the sea, so we ended up cruising along the coast on the boat. 15 minutes later, the boat send us back to safe land, and i am going back to the chalet because of sea sickness. they went to another beach after that.

when i was not around, an tragic cum funny incident happened. ngek stepped on a sea porcupine and his legs were swollen. he was in pain. thank you to i-dont-know-whose idea, ngek was given an emergency treatment. he need to get a urine shot on the place of stung, and rosyan was given the task to do it haha. and amazingly, it works. it’s funny to think about it, but that’s the story. and after that, they return back to the chalet and we packed to check out.

another guy tourist is offering his help

in the pink taxi to the jetty

when we arrived at the pangkor jetty, there are a lot of people lining up to catch the ferry. it was congested and everyone was rushing back to big land. we managed to get board at 1pm and arrived safely 40 minutes after that. we had our lunch, and went shopping for souvenirs and some dried squids. it was really hot that evening, adding to the large amount of tourist filling up lumut town in conjuction with labour day holiday. after zohor prayer, we head back to utp. along the way, we stopped at roti segar and have another meals there. we arrived at utp around 5pm. everyone was flat, and it was not long before the whole house keep silent until midnight.

lining up for the next ferry on the jetty

laksa penang+mee kari+porridge+laicikang+abc at roti segar

for myself, the trip was fabulous and unforgotten. i had the chance to spend time with my friend which i treasure soo much. we are very close to each others, and even closer after the trip. it’ll become one of my memory that i will cherish when we are not together anymore one day. eventhough not everyone joining it, it doesn’t matter because there are a lot of things in our to-do list later that they can join haha. and see you on the next trip~


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