pangkor island: the great escape

that saturday, i woke up at 3pm when i heard rosyan shouting “pangkor skrg, pangkor skrg“. unproper plan, but we are going to make it that evening. going to pangkor is one of my wish list before graduating, and this trip can eliminate one. unplanned, we packed and ready to go. at first there are 8 of us, but maini cancelled in the extra time. he had a morning sickness. we had to leave him behind since everyone was ready to roll.

me, ayin and hadi get on the road first, heading east to lumut, while rosyan, ngek and as wait for sho. we drove to lumut, an at the same time try to reach mede. he was eager to go as well, but he is already in teluk batik with his cilvillians. so we need to fetch him and tag him along to pangkor. thanks to the uncoverage phone line in teluk batik, we are unable to contact mede, so we need to trail him down. we went to teluk batik and found mede. we made the effort to find him, but sadly to say, he suddenly REFUSES to go. siut gle mede, tensi aku. if that is the case, we absolutely not going to find him. cehs. nevermind, mede made a promise with his civillians earlier, so we understand.

on the way to jetty from the parking space

at the jetty, i found a middle man who will help us to find shelter. after some tawar-menawar, we got a room at teluk nipah for rm100. its a good bargain since it was already 730pm, and it’s weekends. rosyan and others arrived shortly after that, and after maghrib at lumut’s mosque, park our car, and get on board. the ferry depart at 830 pm. we cruise in the dark at the open deck of the ferry. it was soo good to smell the ocean waves and ship horns, and it was wonderfull to hear the night air odour. it’s a new experinces for some of us, but it’s the 3rd time for me landed on pangkor soil and sands.

pangkor island terminal jetty

at the buritan of the ferry

rosyan was soo happy riding in the pink taxi

about 40 minutes on the ferry, we arrived at pangkor jetty. we took a pink-van-taxi and it brought us to Nipah Mas chalet. we check in and rest a bit. soon after, we are ready for food hunting. browsing from one stall to one stall, we try to find the best place to get ikan bakar. at last we ended up at this one stall, runs by the whole family members. as usual, i chosed the fish and set the menu haha~ so i took a pari, a cencaru and a big ikan talang, plus 8 big squids. adding to that, we ordered a plate of kailan ikan masin, and a kangkung goreng balacan. sounds delicious rite? haha. the fish was grilled and the squids was turn into sotong masak cili.

sea food kenduri

it was plenty of food for 7 of us, but as told, 7 of us means there are 14 stomach capacity of food storage haha. the rice came later and we ate scrumptously. adding to that, we ordered abc, air kelapa, laici kang, bandung and other drinks. after the small food festive, everyone was tired and we return to the chalet. we take shower and pray, and enjoy watching ‘jangan pandang belakang‘. i was thrilled since i cant watch horror movies, but these guys are enjoying it in scary. it was over midnight after the movie went off. we slept and regain our energy for long day ahead.

-continue on the next chapter-

the innerchild within


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