movie: ironman

it’s feel like years since my last check-in to this web blog. soo busy with my hectic daily life. too many things to cater. and after the last week of class officially ends last friday, i went to the tgv ipoh for midnight show, watching ironman, with the cambohores.

i didn’t really want to go at first because of some miscommunication, but later that night, as told me that they have 2 extra tickets, so i joined them. maini, mede, halim and myself rodes on maini’s myvi, we move our ass around 11, and rushing to the kinta city catching up time for 1145pm shows. upon arrival, there are also mena, balqis, aishah, syazex and few other peoples joining us.

as a must, we bought popcorns and cokes and get into the cinema. the hall was totally full, and that show seem to attract more people than i am thinking. and so thus the movie start..bla bla bla..205am, it end gracefully.

ironman, a marvel production house masterpiece, adapted from one of their comics, was a very good movie. the story plays around a life of a billionaire cum super-engineer who makes misils and rockets for army. he is a genius but he had an empty life, having fun, and living freely on his own will. and one day he got cought by a terrorist, and he designed a metal suit that enables him to escape. and later when he came back to his country, he improve that design for better purpose. and there’s a conflict to make the story bla bla bla..haha.

personally, i enjoy the movie. it was really fun. but i am not a type of person who likes fictional or fantasy kind of movie haha. i just watch it, enjoy, and after that, it flows over me, without giving any impact or something that i will remember.

it doesnt matter at all. the most important thing is, i enjoy spending time with my friends more than anything. that the core point of im hanging out that night. eventhough the movie is only illustration, but the precious time we wasted toghether is better. 10 of us were there, but libau ans nas was nowhere to make it. it’s sad to think about that since decades ago libau are only able to spend time with us, due to his commitment. duh. nevermind maybe he can make it another time.

after that, we stopped to the 24hrs kfc in ipoh, fill our belly, and heading home with some memories and story.

ngek and mena, and she says ‘ngek cute la rmbut ko’ haha

at 24hrs kfc in ipoh


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