a week wrap up

for the past 7 or 8 days, i am unable to get access into internet. last time i log in to my beloved blog here is tuesday last week. thanks to the multiple million local and wireless network in utp. they keep barking all over the world about the technology that they have here, but the mice knows about the house even better than the cat right. arrghh damn utp network. we are so close to the finals, but rarely we can get into internet. with thousands of projects and assignments, input from internet is everything. haishh~

ok lets write down something in my diary here.


that thursday evening, after we’re done with the petroleum exploration project presentation (which is totally crap and nonsense haha) i took a bus to kl from taman maju. i went straight to my uncle’s house, and that’s the point of this trip actually. i need to see him, and his company, do some interview, snap pictures and get some info about his company. that is for my small business and entrepreneurship project, a company case study. i had the chance to talk formally to him, ask him about his business history, his company, and see the success that he made by himself in his business. i was totally inspired by him. he is a small kampung guy, but he has a big heart. he went to school unshoes once upon a time, and he drove a brand new mecedes today. he stepped out from his village only when he is 20++ years old, and today he spend half of his month oversea doing million ringgit worth business deals. it was really inspiring. i take him as one of my role model, and i am sure i will be like him someday. i’ll talk more about the trip later.

26|04 – 27|04

weekends. and as planned, i am wasting my weekends thoroughly haha. i need a rest, and the weekends ends with nothing. sleep as much as i can, catching up the korean drama that i am unable to follow due to chaosity, and updating the gossip girl+antm 10+greys anatomy+desperate housewives till the current episode haha. and that sunday, we went to watch semi final utpleague.

nissa vs tiger, and rohirrim vs azzuri. nissa was turkemnistan’s, and azzuri was mix of thai’s and african’s. two international team vs 2 local team. no prediction at first, but i am praying that the two local team will make it to the final. soo boring to see the international team rules the utpleague yeas after year. i am hoping for new faces this year and at the end tiger won (5-3, penalti shoot out after tight 2-2 during the game). tiger will face azzuri after they won over rohirrim 2-0. damn. but ok la since one of local team made it to the final, and today is their last battle. final match for utpleague 2008 season.

man u also was defeated by chelsea. yeahhh~ one big clap for everyone!! this week epl match seem to get more exiting after chelsea got 3 solid points to be at the top with mu, sharing the same point. kwang kwang kwang~ lets see how its going on since every team has only 2 games left before the season ends.

28|04 – 30|04

class was going as usual, eventhough it was final week. no engine class, dr rashid was out of the campus for weeks, and most of the class end this week. today’s PCS class was the last class for this semester. quite sad actually. its near the end of the semester, only few projects and reports left. final in two weeks time. and i need to struggle to reach the top this semester. let see hurmm~

last night, mu won against barcelona in uefa. quite dissapointing to see both team kicking in the finals from english league. tonight chelsea and liverpool was on the chopping block, eliminating each other. just wait and see who’s gonna make it to the final.

im writing too long haha. lepas geram org kate. wait for the next entry. dang~


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