adhock test

he is always like that. did something out of people’s imagination. last time, he said no test for the course, and everyone was smiling inside. but yesterday, he announced that we will have a test, and it will be conducted today, 10 am. eventhough we are volcaning inside, but it is dr rashid, and like being spelled by his smile, no one can say a word of protest. lets just bare with it, and i believe, he had something better for us. kesian kami, tau la kelas engine 11 org je, suke2 die je.

it was a long weekend, and i hardly get through it. too many group projects, personal assignments, projects presentation and matters related to my path getting a degree this year end. days and night thinking about study, and i didn’t even have my own personal life. no social life, only a few football evening games and futsal during the night. how long before it would last? i’m still can hold myself in this chaosity for now, but i cannot guarantee it’ll be hold for another 6 months. huh. i need a way out. relax myself and have my own free time.

2 weeks still on clock before study week, and i hope i can finish everything beforehand, and can give full attention for my final exams. and now i need to revise nearly 500++ slides before the test this morning. aja aja fighting!!


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