holiday wednesday

it’s wednesday. and it is unofficially holiday for most of us. today, all class was canceled for honouring the edx. is it necessary? no don’t think so, but it does makes me  happy hehe. today is the fourth day i’ve been able to stay awake in the morning. it is not something usual, and being alive after subuh is a hard thing for me since forever. what makes me turn upside down of my norm? ntahla, but i feel like i am too burdenned by the projects and works thats never have ends. btw it’s a good thing for me to, since it force me to work more, and i know i am a nail type of person, no knock from hammer, no moves.

my life if just normally goes on. yesterday, i am so proud of my hamsterwoman. she’s scored the highest in our sbe test, and her name was announced on the screen. i am happy for her, and maybe i was more excited than herself. tatau knape. congratulations ila. and for the past few days, i’ve been working on this sbe business plan project. it’s not hard, but it consumes time, a lot. good luck for me, and the teammates.

yesterday, i am upsetting mede too. fool me. i didn’t know he was very sensitive about a few things, and i treat it lightly, and the outcome, i hurt him. sorry buddy. promise, i will never touch on that again. and i’ve got call from my ayahnda yesterday too, which call i wish i didn’t take. dr rashid, our ayahnda, like always, asking about our engine project. and i simply lying, not lying, but tell him in a good manner, not to upset him about the current status. sorry sir, we didn’t meet your expectation. edx starts today, and his hope to participate in edx was spoiled by us. duh.

today, chooper was nearly heal. and i am bringing her to the morning walk. bright morning, its a good start for the day. and a plate of ali’s nasik lemak will be good after few laps of the field. gotta move on, lets go chopper.kaman2.

-off to the field-


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