spaghetti bossanova cambohore style

welcome to cambohore cooking lesson. today, we are going to learn how to cook “spaghetti bossanova cambohore style”. simply 3 words to describe it; delicious, spicy and slurpilicious.

what are the ingredients needed?

the main ingredient for the sauce is the crunch meat, 2 packets

2 bottles of kimball pasta sauce, cooking oil, sugar and salt, and a packet of spaghetti bologneese

3 tomatoes, a capcicum, a packet of 3 in 1 chili, and a bit of soup leaves

how to make it?

1. mix the meat with some sugar, salt, black pepper, and 3 spoons of kimball pasta sauce, and marinade it for 2 hours in the fridge to get a better taste of the meat.

2. heat some cooking oil, and tumis (wth is tumis in english ek haha) half packet of the chili. after the chili was a bit brownish and start to smell good, put in the meat that was marinaded before. keep on stirring until it is half cooked.

3. put all the balance of the pasta sauce in, and add 2 full glass of water. leave it for 1 hour to boil and slowly cook on a small fire. lastly, add the tomatoes and capcicum that was cubiced before.

4. boil some water to cook the pasta. put in the pasta and leave it to gentle in 5 minutes, and add a bit of salt. you dont need to wash the pasta after boiling it. it is ready to serve hot.

5. put the pasta in the plate and leave it to dry. and pour in the sauce. it’s now ready to serve. springle some soup leaves on it.

this is the result, does it look sooo yummy?

actually, it was maini’s bday, and we were cooking it for the cambohore house. and rosyan, sho and as keep on dancing around me while im cooking, with the bossanova song from marsha on air. that why the name comes in. anyway, it was an attemp to cook for the first time this semester, and we were success haha. the result was very good as well, but nobody can’t get another plate as i am underestimating the size of the stomach of those combohore haha. kuat tol makan sekor2 isk.

ok then. till the next class.see yah~


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