last battle of the season

picisan’s last team photo

8-0. that’s the figure. it’s hard to accept the facts, but it’s undeniable. we need to face the reality that we had made new line in utpleague history to be the most goals in a match. sad, frust and morally down, but we are happy that our match is finally over, and we’ve made it to the league.

the last match for the grouping stage was expected to be tight and tense. we are facing one of the most fierce team, the rohirrim. as both of the team will force themself to win this match, the tough competition is shown as soon as the referee starts the game. eventhough most of the players in the opponents team are friends and folks, but in the field, there’s no friends nor members. they are all enemies that must be brought down in order to claim our victories. the spirit of the picisan was flaring up since before the match, and so does the rohirrim.

shaking hands before match, before becoming enemies haha

the game starts

as early as the first 5 minutes, the rohirrim already showing thier claws and fangs. first goal headed by apek was soo brilliant. soon 3 minutes after wards, he added another wound to picisan. and not long after that, the rohirrim scrubbing another salt on the wound (ouch). 3 goals in less than 15 minutes. damn. unexpected. very unexpected beginning of the game. i stood shocked, and speecless. the fans as well. wthell is going on. and the cheering screams and shouts from the rohirrim really made me feel like total destruction. but there’s alway a hope in my heart. maybe they were not really into it. they still can catch up and make it. i hope and pray.

deep in my heart, i know that my players were very tense, and it was shown on their faces. it was not a good start for the game, and perhaps it may bring some unlucky charm for them. after the third goal, the match’s pace started to slow down. a few tries from halim and maini give us hope. but the rohirrim force was way too much to be hold by picisan. another 2 goals was obtained by the reds by the end of the first half. i didn’t really remember who is scoring the goal, since it was too many to be taken into account.

second half

it was the time to change strategy and gameplay. the first eleven was not up to our expectation and some tailoring needed. with the intense situation and everyone was flat chasing over the balls, acap and gaia was brought in, in hope for better gameplay. match continue. and rohirrim claiming another 2 goals with varieties of shooting skills. damn. then jamel was interchanged with syahmie. and later on, jikku and robo was brought in. personally, i don’t think that change was really will bring anything, but who knows. and at the end, 8-0. it was the final result. sad to say (pheww).

game analysis

there is no point doing this analysis anyway, but i still want to do this. rohirrim was way too experienced and tactical compare to picisan. they are almost perfect in every position. the strikers are sprinters, full of skills and can read our defender’s move. their midfielder control the ball very well, and the through pass is 80% success. the defenders also very alert and fast. their passing rate almost perfect and reach their teammates. high ball, also perfect, and clear out ball, nothing lost. compare to picisan. training? rarely. passing? half-half. speed and stamina? undeniably slower and very little. high ball? very few getting it. heading? nearly not at all. we are lack of training, and no proper trainers too. thats the facts guys. admit it. sorry to say. this is my observation as a non professional observer. maybe we can take actions for further match, if there is. game tactical also is very important. i said it. lets not play-play first. this game was not for fun. if you really want to have fun, after we are leading ahead 3 goals.

nevermind. its over now for good. it totaly over. lets have our own time having fun playing football in the evening after this ok? no point of regretting since this is the farthest that we can make. i am proud of everyone, and being a part of picisan’s brotherhood is a blessing for me. thank you to the fans, and the long live supporters of us. till we meet again in another time ahaha.

credits to the fans, this time, we had the most supporters from our batch turn up. thank you guys!!

aftermatch, lost but happy faces?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by farhan iqbal on April 14, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    nk men petang ajak aku….


  2. aku nak test power jadi manager, tapi sape la aku kan ๐Ÿ˜› haha
    aku men bola pon tapenah

    aku rase diorang leading 3-0 kot halftime, pastu lagi 5 second half

    no i dont know what analysis can i do
    maybe have to improve a bit more on first touch, so that the ball can be passed better
    and ball control, so that we can run pass defenders like they do
    and exploit individual talents better

    but maybe the psychological matter is the biggest cause
    time lawan staff tu, defend tak ingat nye, pasal tau tgh leading
    kalau concede, rugi
    tapi kalau dah trailing 3-0, semangat nak defend pon kurang

    anyways im proud of picisan
    wish i could be part of it
    tapi aku kompem pancit nye haha


  3. Posted by nirzan on April 16, 2008 at 6:56 am

    tq najmi for the comments
    we do need some encouragement and positive comments form people out of the team’s ring, so that we can get better views
    unfortunately, it was over now and only words of wisdoms left ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. watever, picisan still our hero!


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