malam anugerah kolej kediaman ix

last night, emi, fatin and i attended the malam anugerah kolej kediaman the ninth (makk ix), held at main hall and it was matpi’s, he’s the director. we came as warga emas, since we are categorize as an old rcsu’s member. waa sedey. it was a sudden decision made by us, because we didnt really notice that makk was going to be held that night.

personally, i am impress at the first glance when i walk into the hall. it was well decorated with gold, red and black satin, and the hall and stage setting was really eye catching. and the best part is when a cute little girl brought in 2 gold fish and handed it over to the vips for the officiating ceremony. soo cute and a creative piece of art from the comittee. actually, one if the main resond i am attending the dinner was to support fatin, as she’s one of the nominies for siswi gemilang. unfortunately, the title fell into natasha’s hand haha. kecian fatin. and akkil (our ex-president) was crowned for siswa gemilang. congratulation akkil.

i was really happy, when most of the rcsu member, from the seniorest one, to the juniorest, gathered along at the dinner. it was one of the best oppotunities to see those faces and get to know them, since i left my career in rscu not long ago. good job to the comittee member, and to the rcsu member thoroughly as well. well done guys, and bare in mind, my heart and spirit for rscu was never faded, and i’ll keep supporting them forever.

the ladies at the makk, notice that kak ida was wearing her wedding persalinan

rcsu member, old and current


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by enoll on April 21, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    suh fathin pulangkan buku ngan kaset aku.. tu pasal tak menang. he he he~


  2. Posted by nirzan on April 22, 2008 at 6:52 am

    haha. baik2. pesanan akan disampaikan. kesian die. mulut kate x kesah, tp aku tau hatinya terluka hakhak


  3. congrtz

    tp apsal wat kat dlm utp? backward step neh


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