happy birthday maini

this is maini rizal

4 and a half years. and i think it’s going to be solid 5 years. that is the length of time, of which i am staying with maini @ jijot as a roomate. and 5 years is not a short period for large number of memories and experiences that we’ve been through together.

knowing him for the last 7 years was an anugerah for me. during school, we didn’t really close, since we are in different class. it started when we came to educamp, and that was the first time we’ve been sleeping together (i maen as a roomate lor iskk). from that now on, i had never change roomate, because not everyone i think can hold and bare with my perangai and kerenah, and maini can. same goes here to, only me can stand him (you know well when he’s angry or moody haha).

jijot with kak yati yg super comel

same class, same course, same lecture, same lab, same tutorial, same group for assignments, same in everything. we’ve been tagged along since first semester in everythings related to study. and we’ve going up and down together too in our cgpa haha. pelik plak bile pikir2. we joined most of the events in utp together to. starting with iw, and being a part of GnC’s family is one of the sweet memories for us.

gle ketat muke haha

ok, lets list down few things about jijot, in case you are not aware.

1. man u freak – eversince i know him, he’s hella die hard fan of mu’s. with lots of shirts and pictures and clips of mu, he’s seldomly miss mu’s match haha

2. gamers – one of the best pc gamers i’ve known. haha. spending time playing fifa, pes, cs, dota, need for speed, fantasy premier league (is it considered a pc game?) and currently tennis, and it is his speciality

3. loud – frequently speak loudly, and kalo dpt ketawa, berdekah2

4. romantic – haha. no comment about this. but once he is texting someone, it is hard to stop, days and night, hundreds of message per day

5. emotional – quite emotional in person, but he always keep it to himself

6. easily heart broken – he’s always being terasa to people, expecially us. he always denying it, and say, “chill2, no problem” but i know that deep in his heart, he does want something

me, jijot, mede, nas and lut during the GnC beruas picnic

ok. enough with that. maini, happy 22nd birthday. may Allah’s blessing and rahmat be with you, all the time. keep on going on what you are doing. i’m sorry for any misdemeanor and things that maybe hurts you. lets have fun with our final days here, and remember, you are as important as others in this house to us. i hope this brotherhood and friendship will last till our last breath bro. we love you jot!!

recently, us after batch dinner


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