picisan 2-3 sonar

sorry for late updates. utp network was always damn sucks, and i am holding my anger for the pase 5 days, until it comes back today. relieve me.

btw, sadly to say, our third match against sonar on the saturday 5th of april was unsuccessfull. we lost 3-2 with broken heart and morale disregard (ouch). personally, im not attending the match (maybe that is because they lost hihi), but i am here now writing, and throwing my oppinion as an invisible spectators. nevermind, i can still talk about that match, since i am the one whose them report immediately after the match.

we actually looking forward to gain 3 solid points in the battle with sonar, but God’s will we can never rated before the actual moment comes. leading with 2 goals at the beginning was a brilliant opportunity to sonar. but these two goals  was like an gasolines, and being poured into the flame of spirit’s of the picisans, and they stood back to regain the equality 2-2, two goals from maini. maybe there is no luck for us that evening. not long before the final blew, sonar claim their vistory by scoring another goal. the picisan had had to win this game, in order to qualify to 2nd round, but this defeatness just brought in another obstacles in our way. they lost to sonar, but they still have the chance pursuing their soccer battle if the win against rohirrim this coming sunday. whilst rohirrim also need to win this game, as a platform to get into second round. so, i guess this upcoming match will be very tense, and it’s all about mind control, not actually total strenght for the fight.

prepare your self!!! get into position!! never left your post, unless the arrows clothes youuuu!!! (from lotr haha)

afterall, we didn’t really sucks the match. we lost. but we attended the jan04 dinner with smiling faces. and we did enjoy the night with friends, who treasure us much when they be a part of the fans of us. duh, im still feeling soo guilty since i left early for the dinner. sorry guys!!


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