i am homesick

“hello, ma. adoi. lamenye x balik umah. ayah mane? lor. asek bejalan je. tok ngn tokwan sehat ke? oo ok la cmtu. adik2? ceh. pemalas gle. tah pape tah. bak sini cakap ngn die. oy gemok. nape x g ngaji? laa. siap aa awak long balik nnt. dh2. kang suh kakak on ym. bole chat. xde duit nk bayar bill nk ckp lame2. bai. isk. sebok je. dh2. syuh2. bai”

i miss home. waa. i love being here, but i am tired of spinning my head every single day doing projects, assignments presentations, classes, quizzes, test etc. just want to be away, going back home. i miss my family. duh. x malu tol dh besa2 pon homesick kan haha

tok and tokwan, my personal supporters and fans, even when i’m quarelling with my mom, they always be behind me haha. i love them

ayah and mama, the reasons why i am exist. im not a good son mom, forgive me. slalu sgt melawan, and being ignorant of what the’ve said. but i love them more than anything

nazrin, nazir, nazira, nazmir, nazdmi, nazlia. the zaini’s. we are the only grandchildrens to the ali’s, since mom is the only child. hehe. that’s why we always run to tok and tokwan when helps needed keke.


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