the bright, the glittering, the batch dinner

saturday 05|04 was the night. the night where most of the jan04 families gather in a lovely dinner. bright and glittering, the theme. the theme suit the dress, as well as the mood of the night. every single faces who attended the events also were bright and glitters as they walk in the ballroom of the syuen hotel ipoh. it was the prom night, a batch gathering, a farewell dinner for all of us. sadly to say, this dinner maybe the last dinner that we are having together as a batch. we’d spend almost 5 years in utp building up ourself, digging knowlegde, and running in our own pace to grown up. i still remember, the very first day i stepped into utp, i meet and greet those faces, and today here i am, be a part of them to celebrate our very last moment together. there are thousands of memories, million of experience that i captured from being a part of this batch. i treasure it all guys, yeah, so much, i do. it will be one of the best time in my life that will never be erased from my mind.

the ladies on the red carpet

ok enough about the kenangan and syahdu2 part. lets talk about the dinner. starting out with the red carpet, the dinner was fabulous and glamorous. no one walks in without hansome and elegant outfit. i am once think i’m sitting among artists and celebrities during the dinner haha. the food was ok (i said ok), the games and performance was fun, but the award giving was not so grand to say haha. it doesn’t matter at all, since i had the chance to mingle around with peoples that i’ve known them for years, and in the very near future, they will depart for their own journey into working life. and we filled the ballroom air with laughes, jokes and chats till the end of the night.

everyone was passionately listen to the performance by new discovered artist, maja and jimi

best pose by the picisans

dede and his superb guitar skill haha

there are a lot of things that i barely unable to delete it from myself. to find such a good classmates, where we crunch in every single class since foundation, skip lectures and copying test altogether. and in this very final year, we’ve took our own road, that leads us to the destination desirable by each one of us. it maybe bring us apart, but the spirit of being in classmates, and being batchmates, never once estinguished.

automotive classmates, small class huh

after dinner pose, on the stair case

and the dinner ends well. maybe this is the last for us being together, but there is always a new beginning, and friendship never ends. good luck to all, and may this memories and friendship were bless and gracefill by Him insyaAllah.


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  1. waaa…had a fun dinner dat nyte…even thou it was like so sempoi,that was the thing for me made the dinner very BEST…n yeah,a month den a semester left then all of us will be apart…mmg cam sedey…it has been 4 years den ntah masing2 will be in touch or not…hahaha…..but dinner best!!!

    p/s:auto klas???mamat tgh duk bawah tu cam macho2 jer…muahahahahaha~


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