kuala kangsar trip; hunt for sayong part II

its been 2 days after my first part posted out. a very busy tuesday made me unable to get access to internet, even going to tec. pity me. the seminar on the morning, followed by a spinning stomach test in the afternoon, nearly make me collapse. pity me. both of the two biggest portion for coursework mark came together, along, and it doesn’t went well. pity me. what to do. this is life. and even pitier, i didn’t get the chance to go to tec, which is very unfortunate for me not to go to the annual career exhibition. duh. it’s exhausting and frustrating, but life must goes forward right.

ok, lets continue writing the notes about the trip. after that 2 hrs of mud mixing and soil casting, we move back to the royal town. it’s already zohor when we reached at bukit chandan, the place where the sultan’s of perak resides. famous with its royal story and nobles history, the bukit chandan is located on the perak river bank. the place was soo beautiful and very ease for sight seeing. it was very well decorated with specially made lanscape, filled with castles (i mean the houses), and many landmarks that was leaved behind by the previous royal family. first impression, amazed. second impression, “shan, jom kite wat rumah cmni la nnt. ni rumah ko. seblah tu rumah aku. ni rumah mede bla bla bla”. i am dreaming of the residence area that we want to build later, together with these kids (my housemates ni la). we step on the masjid ubudiah to perform our responsibilities that afternoon. that mosques is so majestic, and it is one of the mosque that you can see the most in websites, pictures, and calendars.

masjid ubudiah, where the royal mausoleum was located

after prayer, we get back on the business. we cruise around in car, exploring the whole bukit chandan. we went to the istana kuning (or istana kayangan), circling around the istana iskandariah, and stop by at the sultan azlan shah’s gallery to snap some picture. the hot day empty our stomach fast, and we stopped at the food stall area near the sungai kangsar fronts. having our lunch there, with lots of mouth watering menu of laksa, mee kari, and cendols, and ikan bakar.

after lunch, ngek leads us to air terjun ulu kenas. 10 miles driving from kuala kangsar town. everyone was nearly flat when we reach there. but as soon as the sounds of water running of the rocks catch our ears, nobody had been as energetic as before. the cold and clear water streaming down sungai kenas was so refreshing and it carried away all of out exhaustiness. unfortunately, both mine’s and sho’s camera was flat, and no photo was captured after that. damn. 2 hrs there, and we are heading back home, through manong and parit. by 630 pm, we safely arrived in utp with valueless knowledge, unforgotten memories and lots of fun.

istana kuning, currently royal perak museum
under the streams at ulu kenas, snapped using maini’s phone

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