kuala kangsar trip; hunt for sayong part I

29|03, saturday. it’s a lovely day, a bright morning to start our trip to kuala kangsar, in the hunt for one of our national treasure, the labu sayong. why suddenly labu sayong? it’s all because of the malaysian studies project that require us to conduct some research about any historical or cultural topic in malaysia. we choose labu sayong, one of the malay heritage which nearly forgotten and lost in the modernization waves. we want to write something about it, thus it brought us to the origin of this labu, kampung kuala bendang, mukim sayong, kuala kangsar.

labu sayong, our prestige malay heritage

we begin our jouney at 9.00 am, after hours of painfull effort to wake those hounds haha. i shout, i beg, and i smash their buts, even i’m nearly crying myself because of dissapoinment, but only few woke up and getting ready (punye la susah nk kejut bangun pagi). finally, everyone is ready and the wheels roll. we stop at maple, having our breakfast. we fill the environtment of the maple with our chats and laughes. 3 cars, 12 peoples, me, maini, rosyan, halim, ngek, libau, daong, mawi, sho, as, hadi and ayin. after some tea and roti canai, we get back on the roads and head north to kuala kangsar.

around 11.30 am, we arrived at kuala kangsar. it was a beautiful town with lots of historical monument. we’ve been greet by mede’s alma meter, the malay college upon entering the royal town. the town was crowded with poeples, and that morning, it was filled by luxurios and executives cars. i wonder if there is any special occasion occur in the royal palace, since numbers of policemen were conquering the raods and blocking the ways. until i noticed that the angkat sumpah ceremony was held at Istana Iskandariah for the perak state exco that morning. new beginning of perak huh~!!

old school but busy, royal and historical town of kuala kangsar

we take the first glimps of the town, wondering around to find our lead to the kampung kepala bendang. it is not long before we cross the new jambatan sultan abdul jalil and turn into the small corner that leads us to kampung kepala bendang. we met makcik rakayah, and pakcik hamzah, his husband at their small workshop near their house. as an expatriate in making labu sayong, both the makcik and pakcik show us the steps and procedure im making labu sayong. they explain very well, steps by steps and full of interesting information that we can tick down. it is not a surprise for us, when i was told that they receive numbers of visitors every month to learn how to make labu sayong and discover the arts behind it.

from the mixing of the soil, to the filteration of the mixture, and pouring into the mold, everything was clearly explain. i’m not wasting the opportunity to dirty my hands, playing with the soil and mud and try to make the labu myself. we split into 2 groups, one learn how to make, and the other one documented about the arts and craft of the labu from makcik rakayah.

2 hours passes by with lots of fun and information gained. we thanked makcik rakayah and pakcik hamzah for their effort, knowledge and everything that was shared that day. i’ll write more later about our trip after the labu sayong hunt. here some of the picture at the workshop.

mixing the soil to get a very fine mixture
pouring the mixture of soil into the molds
buchari interviewing makcik rakayah
pakcik hamzah, makcik rakayah and us @ thier traditional workshop
ngek and the alternative byproduct of labu sayong

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by cellenna86 on April 13, 2009 at 10:06 am

    thankz for your information so that i can finish my thesis.. =D

    arigatou ne~~~ =D


  2. Posted by lil'nadea on November 15, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    do u have any other info regarding dis labu sayong making, history or wutever info about it…anyway good review from you…helps me in my thesis..


  3. Posted by nurul on February 9, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    can i get macik rakayah phone num…


  4. Posted by nirzan on February 26, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    im sorry dear, i didnt have the phone number since it was way back in 2008.


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