we tame the staff..jeahhh

wth roshan and gaban is doing?team pics should be formal and full of dicipline right…haha

friday was always a lovely day for everybody, especially us. no class, no tutorial, no lab. it was holiday per say. 28|03, we won the second match against staff fc. yahoooo!! its was a great success. a victory. we made the “kononnya” lagendary staff fc bow down to us respectedly, after their players throwing so much big words before the match. 3-1 won gave us 3 points to be at the 4th place of the group after 2 mathces.

the prediction in the utpsl.blogspot was 2-0, with picisan losses. bullshit. we prove that the prediction was bullshit (i told you i don’t belive in prediction). from the beginning of the match, picisan had already shown their ability and competences. they played very well, a bit in-organized (haha), and full off spirit. we scored first by the penalty from maini after halim was fault by the opponent’s player. good job roomate haha. staff didn’t stops there, and soon afterwards, a very confusing corner kick gave them a pity goal. nobody was shouting, even their supporters, and the referee was dumbbed as well. unexpected goal (gol naseb org kate). libau added the joyfull of picisan’s supporters by shooting a very nice goal, cheating off the keeper. 2-1 and first half whistle was blew off.

2nd half, a chaos in front of our goal post nearly sacrify us. a penalty was given to staff when mede pushed one of their player. i saw the player stumble down. clear foul haha. luckily, the shoot kelaut. relieved us. mede was nearly crying when the penalty was given, even roshan shouted for gaban’s replacement haha. hey farid, mistakes in the game is not the end. revenge it back. if you make 1 mistake by giving them 1 goal, revenge back by getting 10 goals for us. not simply morally down and crying. got it!! apply to all of the team as well. mistakes is unavaoidable. it’s not our intention. just let it go, learn, and fight back to pay for your mistakes. then it comes the 3rd goal, also from my fat roomate. haha. u score again man. penalty, after his shirt was pulled by the staff’s player.

heman is the ultimate player of the match that day. he saved thousand of shoots, handsomely dives, and kicking the ball off the goal post. good job for acap, jamel, syami, ngek, gaia, jikku, chong, ayin and me myself haha. the fans were very energetic as well. their presence does give moral support to the team and cheering up the game.

it was a good game. the most enjoyable game for us up to now i think. keep up the good work, ready for the next match aginst sona this coming saturday. we need to win. we must win. again, stay motivated and belive it, we can do it guys, till the final.


our 4 cute little princess (damn..they are the subs haha)


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