koreajapan gath..

22|03, saturday. 9.00 pm. kfc batu gajah

finally. we are able to make it. the first ever big gath for koreanjapan family (as said by gackt lor).attended by 20 poeples, the gathering was a big success. eventhough the faces were very unfammiliar to me, its not long before we were lighting up the evening with jokes and laughes. since everyone known each other very well in #koreajapan, it’s not hard for us to know each other in person as well. i am proud to be one of the koreajapan family member, since i am personally a korean and japan freak. the guys were amazing, the girls were fantastic, and the event itself was soo meaningfull to me.

the evening was started by the most senpai in korejapan, miss gackt aka newssuki. her simple speech cheer up the evening even more before the sesi berkenal-kenalan. thank you for the lovely and smoochy cake. jokes, chats, and laughes, all about koreajapan fill the gath till the end. till the next gath. ja ne~!


can you see that the no of guys>girls..haha


chocolate indulgence from newssuki..soo delicious


from left sit: mici, gackt, kucem, topeng

middle: spyrs, cekediz, bizzare, ombak, cata, teyon, damey, rev

back: reito, wadieq, escaped

check this out!



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by newssuki on December 3, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    hehehe I didn’t know you have a blog nz =D
    woahh the cake was sponsored by me and yap.
    we shared the cost 😛
    anyway nice blog. even have your picture as header?
    ahhh happy graduating ^^


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