not a good start..

defeated. no. there are not. definitely not. they were technically defeated (we can’t deny it..adui), but their spirit never ever been lost to anyone. its hard to see those faces of picisan’s who was hoping for a good start this season by winning this initial match, but deep in their heart, i know that they’ll never retreat. they’ll never surrender.

lost 3-0 to onitsuka tiger was not bad at all. as i said earlier, no prediction. simply because we can’t estimate opponent’s ability before running against them. it was a good game. full of team spirit and sportsmanship. you guys are rock!! eventhough they are playing on the field that is not more or less than a paddy field, they keep on fighting for a goal till the end. maybe its was their fate this evening. they return home empty.

nevermind. lets put it in the diary. lets analyze what flaws we have. lets correct and improve it. we better be prepared for next matches ahead. 3 game, all wins, no draw, then only we can walk to second round. we can do it guys. aja aja fighting!!


One response to this post.

  1. xpe picisan ade 3 match lagi kan. sure no hal punye 😀

    thanks for the link!


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