a soccer team name picisan

it’s the second season (yeah i said it..second season man!!) this year we’ve been playing in utp league, a league that matches various soccer team ranging from all batches and clubs in this holy university. started since i was in first year, if i’m not mistaken, this league has becoming more and more prestigous as years passes by. the teams, the management, the player, the skills have improved a lot too, and picisan was not dissolved in the current afterall. we are competance enough. we are spirited enough. we believe in our strength and team spirit, as acap says “korang kene yakin dgn team korang, ngn orang2 sekeliling korang“. i believe that. i trust them. and i know that they can make it better than last season.

today 23|03, the very first match, battle against onitsuka tiger. no prediction, because i don’t believe in prediction. they need to win this match, since tiger is at the top of the group for now. if not, the following match will be tough on picisan. last night blabber (yeah it’s at bilik mede) last for 3 hrs (shorter than i’m expecting), planning strategies and tactics. it’s a good start and please guys, use it in the match!!! haha

o,k the word of wisdom. lets do the best guys. all out. put our strength together. keep the winning force with you and do not let it go till the last whistle. score as many as you can. may the force be with us!!

picisan fc, official team photo..haha
good luck to my rumet, jamel, mede, libo, acap, halim, chong, buchari, and others. a very best good luck to freestyle also for their match this evening.
a written craft from the team official waterboy, photographer and ball picker, [picisan|33]nz…

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mira on March 23, 2008 at 9:03 am


    i believe in picisan too..!

    long live waterboy, photographer and ball picker!



  2. Posted by enoll on March 23, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    mantap seh… rindu utp league. wargh wargh wargh. aku men 2 season je tapi tak kemane~


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